Thursday, November 16, 2006

They come in threes

Well our furnace is now on the fritz. It heats up, goes chug chug chug, heat comes out, but it doesn't BLOW to the rest of the house. Hmm...I do believe the "blower" may be out? Which, upon some research based upon what type of furnace we have, etc, leads me to believe we're going to need a new furnace. No biggie right, they're only about $1,000. Oh, but wait, people charge an arm and a leg to put the damn thing in!!! Ugh....well, we'll have someone out to look at it, hopefully on Friday....and hopefully they giggle something and it works.......keep your fingers crossed.

Again, if it is raining and you have a GIANT umbrella, STEP OUT! Leave the eaves for those of us darting in and out of them with no umbrella, just trying to get to our destination without sopping wet hair!

Today is our annual Thanksgiving potluck at work. This will be the first year since I started there (my 4th Thanksgiving Potluck) where I haven't brought a dish to share. Between Mocksgiving, school, furnace, sewer pipe, and stolen items I am not really feeling much like it. However, I may stop and Bartells on my way to work and get some canned olives. Weee....


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