Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm going to stop and buy Jetty a wading pool on the way home and then I'm going to get in it with him....

Thursday, July 23, 2009


For the past 2 weeks we have been doing a food drive at work for Hopelink. In addition we are having a contest today called CANSTRUCTION. Each floor could put together a team and design and build a structure out of food items for Hopelink. Here is the structure we built this morning!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Commute Hell

I don't mind my commute, I would rather walk, or ride the bus, but I love my job, so I commute via car from West Seattle to Bellevue.

It usually isn't so bad.  The mornings are quite pleasant actually.  24 minutes, door to door.

The evenings are sometimes good, sometimes bad, but usually not horrible.  Even during the I-90 construction my commute home was still only about 40 minutes, door to door.

And then yesterday, some idiot didn't secure his load (apparently) and caused a huge wreck on I-90 West, right at the start of the Evergreen floating bridge.  And the commute stopped.

It took me almost 65 minutes to get from my office in the heart of Bellevue to I-90.

2 hours and 3 minutes, door to door.

In the 85 degree Seattle heat wave.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

P-O-P: Pissed Off Percy

We have an angry cat.

He is just generally pissed off.

His glass is always 1/2 empty, his food bowl is never full enough, he hates his brothers (the cat one that humps him and the dog one that just annoys him).

Mostly he hates being teased, touched, or bothered.

He wants to be left alone with his bad self.

We know that, and we tell everyone that comes into our house "Just leave Percy alone, he's mean and angry, and if provoked, will bite you, hard".

They never listen.

Everyone thinks, oh he won't bite me, I'm a cat person, I know cats.

You don't know Percy.

Brandon, our new brother-in-law, did not listen.

"Stop petting Percy" we said "He'll bite you", "Just leave him alone", "I can't watch, you're gonna get him angry".

As always his response, like those before him, was "Oh, he's not so bad", "He won't bite me", "I'm used to cats".

You don't know Percy.

Chomp. Ouch. Blood. Swelling. Doctor. Tetanus shot. Antibiotics.

Lesson learned (we hope!).

Brandon, you now know Percy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

4th of July 2009 Photos

Yes I realize I am a week behind in posting these. Such is life.

We spent the 4th of July holiday weekend at the Jones cabin on Lake Chelan.

Jeff, Ella & Sadie also joined us and we had a blast!

The weather was perfect (except for the crazy hurricane that blew through on Sunday night and removed the umbrella from our deck & knocked a tree over on our driveway). We swam, fished, roasted smores, watched the fireworks, and had a fantastic time.

It was Jet's first visit to Lake Chelan. It was too hot for him so he spent a lot of time just laying or wading in the lake. Poor little guy.

I wish I could spend every weekend dockside......such is life.

Chris, Jet, Allen & Ella on the deck.

Chris and Ella scoping out a possible fishing hole.

Hot Dog

Family Photo

Holiday Dog

Swimming Dog

Squirt (Sadie)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Angie & Brandon's Wedding

June 27th, 2009 Angie House married Brandon Marmion at Sanders Mansion in Auburn. It was a perfect sunny day and the bride was gorgeous of course.

Other than the limo not showing up, at all, ever, everything went off without a hitch.

Ms. Kat Grubb was the officiant and did a superb job.

I was the Matron of Honor and Chris was a Groomsman. Here is a copy of my speech (mostly, I improvised a bit).
Matron of Honor Speech

Before I start I would like to say that Angie you look absolutely beautiful. And I can tell that Brandon agrees….

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Courtney House, and I’m the Sister-In-Law of the Bride.

I can’t even begin to describe what a thrill it was for me when Angie asked me to be her Matron of Honor.

Angie and Brandon, you are both so important to Chris and I and we couldn’t be happier to share this day with you.

Brandon, welcome to the family, I don’t think we could have asked for a better fit, and I’m looking forward to many more cabin/fishing trips in the years to come!

Angie, congratulations again, and thank you again for asking me to stand up for you. I’m so glad that when I married Chris I not only got an amazing sister but a wonderful friend as well.

To the happy couple!

Alex Rubin was the photographer and got some great shots. Here is a link to his preview.

And here is a slideshow of all my photos:

Thursday, July 02, 2009


Check out this weather report for Lake Chelan this weekend, I can't wait!

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