Thursday, July 29, 2010


So we opted out of growing a garden this year. We pulled out the old garden space leveled the land, and expanded it 3 times the size of the old garden. Next we will install raised beds, but we're waiting until later in the season when it cools off since we won't be planting anything this year. Right now our garden area looks like a burial ground where Percy can bury his victims. And we all know that Percy has plenty of victims. But instead of the bodies of Percy's victims we found this plant growing in the burial ground. Anyone know what it might be? It has some flowers that just started blooming and one that looks like it might be turning into a pumpkin/squash/thing? I'm excited to find out what we grew by accident! I wish more exciting things would grow in Percy's burial ground.

Oh Sookie

Yes, we are True Blood fans. Can't get enough of this HBO adaptation. After the season premier we were looking around on HBO on demand for some of the short True Blood videos and came across this gem. I've been singing it for weeks. Oh yeah, the D oh Double G.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Front Yard Update

Summer is finally here in Seattle and the work we did in the front yard this spring is finally starting to pay off. Here are some updated pictures:

This is where the giant Juniper bush used to be.

The birdbath we used to have in the back yard (replaced by new solar birdbath), the cement kitty used to live on our front porch, and the leaf birdfeeder we picked up at the West Seattle Nursery yesterday. We've had quite a few Robins bathing in the bath.

A few more pictures.

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