Thursday, August 26, 2010

Haunted Grocery Store

Yesterday I stopped in at Safeway on my way home to pick up a few groceries and I had the oddest experience.

First, while standing in the produce section, near the case along the wall, more than 4 feet away from it, all of a sudden a giant head of cauliflower came rolling down and launched itself into the aisle.  I glanced around but no one was within 20 feet of the cauliflower display.  Finding it a bit odd, I went over, picked up the cauliflower and returned it to it's temporary home.  Still a bit confused, but not thinking too much of it I moved on.

Then, upon entering the soda/water/sparkling water aisle, still 4 feet away from the display case, bottles of sparkling water started leaping off to the top shelf, taking cans of tonic water with them on their way down, and breaking open all over the aisle upon impact.  Now I was a bit freaked out and glanced all around me, above me, behind me, but no one was anywhere near the display. 

Not knowing quite what to do, I noticed a woman mopping the floor at the other end of the aisle and proceeded to approach her and recount my story of the water bottle escape.  She smiled and let me know she'd be happy to clean it up.  Then on a whim I decided to recount the story of the cauliflower to her as well.  Her eyes grew wide and her smile dropped immediately from her face and she said to me "Oh my god, we're haunted!".  I waited for her to smile and laugh it off, but when she didn't I just nodded and walked away.

Monday, August 16, 2010

If Only For A Few More Days.....

I was filling out an online survey for an event I attended last week and came across this question. In a few days I will move to the next category...... *sigh*
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