Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gearing up for the Holidays

Testing out BlogPress on my new iPad (early Christmas gift to myself!)

Jetty is getting in the holiday spirit early this year!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Percival Jones House: August 10, 1997 - November 16, 2010

Percival, Percy, Pman, Peterman, Petey, Big Kitty, Big Pete

Last week we lost our good buddy. He was quite the cat. Or as Kevin Mullarky says "He was a real prick of a cat". If you've met Percy, you know exactly what he meant.

Percy was.....well, Percy was a bit evil. It takes me both hands to count the number of people that had to visit their doctor because of a Percy bite. He had a dirty dirty mouth.

But he was my buddy. Percy and I went through a lot together. He and I even moved to San Diego and back together. When no one else was looking, he'd climb up on my lap and purr and purr.

Percy loved food. He REALLY loved food. He also loved surveying his land. We'd let him out the back door and he'd just roam, sniffing about, and then he'd find a spot to lay down and just take it all in. He also loved drinking from the tub. And he loved telling you all about it. He was a loud kitty.

Chris, Ares, Jet and I all miss Percy (well, maybe not Ares, and I'm not really sure Jet noticed...but Chris and I miss him for sure).

He was quite a cat.

RIP Percy, we'll keep an eye on Pound Kitty for you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Chris and I are trying to sell Sebastian, our 2002 Subaru Outback. We have had tons of interest, but as of yet no buyers. One of the tricky things about selling a car is the test drive. Chris and I have a system. If the interested party is male he rides along, and if the interested party is female I ride along. But last night a couple showed up, together, and after a few glances between us Chris went along with them.

After they had been gone about 10 minutes I began to watch out the front window for their return. A few minutes later I began to receive text messages from Chris. Here is a transcript:

  • Am on north 99
  • Whoa! What?!? Are you being kidnapped?
  • They seem nice but may be kidnapping me
  • Should I call the police?
  • Not yet
  • Ok keep me posted!
  • Ok
  • Took Seneca Exit
  • Ok Good
  • Waiting to get on s 99 at columbia
  • Ok, do they seem interested in the car?
  • Hard to say
  • Heading s on 99 now
  • On w seattle bridge
  • On 35th
  • Switching drivers at car wash place
  • Ok, where are you now?
  • Pulling up
  • Open g door
I think what really threw us off was the extended test drive. Every other test drive we've had has lasted a maximum of 10 blocks. This one took Chris on a tour of Seattle in the dark and rain. Hopefully this means that they'll call to day with an offer. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed.

Thanks goodness for text messaging/cell phones though, or I probably would have called the police!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Auto Refill - The Saga Continues

A while back I blogged about my woes with the Safeway Pharmacy Auto Refill Program (click here). And, well, it hasn't gotten any better.

I received a new prescription a month ago and promptly headed to the pharmacy to get it filled. I knew that I still had one more refill left on my previous prescription but asked that they cancel that and make sure to take it off the auto refill. I also asked that the new prescription not be enrolled in auto refill. All went as planned.

About 2 weeks after that I received a call from the automated "Machine" informing me that my prescription was ready to be picked up, my auto refill prescription, the one that should have been canceled (?), or maybe the one that wasn't supposed to be set up on auto refill (?). The suspense was almost more than I could stand so I rushed right over to the pharmacy.

Old prescription, old auto refill......never canceled.

Just for grins I asked "Do you still have my new prescription in your machine?". "Yes". "Ok, is it on Auto Refill?". "No, of course it isn't, you asked that it not be enrolled".

Beyond amazed I once again left Safeway awe.

You're not going to be surprised when I fill you in on what happened next. A few days ago I received a call from the automated "Machine" letting me know that my prescription was ready to be picked up. My prescription that wasn't on auto refill. Oh joy.

I could barely wait to rush to the pharmacy and find out what they were going to supply me with this time. At the counter I gave them my name and they searched high and low for my prescription. Nothing. I explained that the "Machine" had called me just that morning, and you won't believe what they told me this time:

"Oh, well that is why. The machine calls you, then you're supposed to call us and we'll refill your prescription, the call is just a reminder".

Really, I'm not kidding, this is what they told me. I only wish I could make this stuff up.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bad Pants Karma

I've been having issues lately keeping the seems of my pants together.

Example 1: I recently purchased a pair of work slacks (you know, those awesome wrinkle free kind they have now). I purchased them from my favorite clothing store Eddie Bauer. I purchased the same size and style that I always do. I was very excited.

That is until the first time I wore them, to work. I'm not sure how long it was before the seam split and I noticed, but it could have been up to 6 hours.

Oh, and it wasn't just a simple leg seam split. Oh no, it was a middle of the butt split. Of course, at work. I claimed that I was cold and wore my long jacket the rest of the day.

The next day I packed the pants back up and returned them to the store. No questions asked, they replaced my pants with a new pair.

Fast forward a week. I decided to wear my new new pants to work, put them on and proceeded to get ready for work. Luckily the brilliant side of me decided to examine the new pants before leaving the house this time. Low and behold, guess what I found. Yep, a hole in seam of the pants. Yep, middle of the butt.

Fast forward another few days and I find myself back at the store again returning the pants. The gentleman at the counter was very friendly and helpful, up until the point where he suggested that perhaps I buy a bigger size. That isn't something you suggest to a woman. End of story. I calmly tried to explain how I hadn't even worn this pair. He then brought forward another pair, same size/style as my previous two and suggested that I maybe try again. Again, in my brilliance I asked to examine the pants before I left the store. Oh, and guess what, there was the beginnings of a hole in the seam, middle of the butt! I asked for a refund instead.

Example 2: Another fairly new pair of work pants, I've worn them a handful of times, this time purchased at Nordstrom. And again, who knows how long I was walking around with a hole in my pants but it could have been anywhere from 1 to 8 hours. Oh and this time, instead of a middle of the butt seam hole, the hole was on the opposite side of my body, same region, you get the picture. Oh yeah, and bright pink underwear. Awesome.

I'm switching to skirts.
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