Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Happy Hump Day

I hadn't heard that phrase in quite some time and someone pulled it on me today. Reminds me that sometimes I'm way to focused on getting to the end of a week that I forget to enjoy the middle of it.

I signed up for LinkedIn sometime ago and just recently started exploring it. You can search for former coworkers and reconnect to them. Today, happily, I received 2 such reconnection's followed shortly by emails from said former coworkers. What a happy experience, reconnecting via email with people I enjoyed in former lives and hearing where the time has taken them. One is currently a farmer in Brazil (!) and the other is a VP for the same company we were coworkers at. It amazes me how near or how far 5 years can take one. If you haven't signed up for LinkedIn yet, I suggest you do, you just might find a ray of sunshine and reconnect with an old friend.

There has been some progression in my on-going saga of getting new contacts. I went to Globe Optical yesterday for my "squeezed in appointment". Waiting in the waiting area I overheard some interesting tidbits. Apparently the doctor that was there previously left recently, taking all of the files with her. That is why they needed all of my information again, and why the workers are so bitter (still no reason for taking it out on me!). They were still very rude but I did get some more sample contacts (a different brand this time) and hopefully will be getting a full set of replacements soon. The doctor said she'd pick up the bill. We'll see about that.....

Off to class - only 29 more to go!! Tonight we have a new teacher......

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


*ring ring*

Girl on phone - "Hello Globe Optical"

Me - "Hello yes, I called yesterday and spoke to you about a problem I'm having with my contacts. You were going to look some information up and call me back, I never heard back from you"

Girl on phone - "Oh, right, yeah, ummmm....I tried to call you but the phone number you gave me didn't work, umm...yeah...."

Me - "Ok, well what did you find out"

Girl on phone - "Right, what was your name again"

Girl on phone - "Oh, yeah, and what was the problem"

Me - explained the entire thing again, and included how my lot number is not on the recall list

Girl on phone - "Oh, well you'll have to come in for an appointment, we can squeeze you in this afternoon - what was your name again, oh and do you have a phone number"

Me - *wondering exactly how much this is now going to cost*

*double sigh*

Monday, January 29, 2007

Stupid *grr*

Ok - so NEVER EVER EVER go to Globe Optical. They have so severely wronged me, I am never going back there, and to top it off I'm going to find all review sites and give them a bad one. I am so disappointed. I called them today to ask about the contact recall. The women who answered, who must have been eating her breakfast, sounded very annoyed that I would bother her with this matter. I gave her the lot number of my contacts and she said "I don't have that document here on my desk, I'll have to find it and I'll call you right back". I gave her my name and number and hung up. That was 7 1/2 hours ago. After waiting about 3 hours I decided to investigate the O2 Optix website ( I found a news release that told about the recall. The symptoms that were described were mine to a T. So I called them up. After being on hold for quite sometime I finally reached a live body. I gave her my lot number, told her of my dilemma. She said she was very sorry but my lot number was not recalled. This means that I can't get my contacts replaced. In a huff I went searching online for replacement contacts (since I can't wear the ones I have apparently). All the online contact sellers have notices that their O2 Optix are on back order until further notice. I suppose it is time for Lasik.


O2 Optix

I have so/so eyesight and require contacts or glasses at all times to see. My last experience at the eye doctor was less than optimal. I ended up purchasing 6 months worth of contacts from them at the price of $64 (a week later I found the same ones at Costco for $24). The first pair I wore, after about 4 hours, caused me great discomfort and I had to virtually rip them out of my eyes. I thought I had perhaps scratched my eye and that is why they were so painful. I wore my glasses for a week or so, let my eye heal, and then yesterday decided to try another new pair. The exact same thing happened. This morning I decided to do a little investigating on the interwebs and came across this: O2 Optix Recall.

Now, I understand that this sometimes happens. But don't they have a way to get the information out that there was a recall to those of us who purchased their product. I haven't been contacted by anyone. Oh well, I'm glad to at least know what it was now.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why we're so good together....

3 boys on the couch!

So today was gender separation day. Mom and I went shopping while the boys went to the boat show. Now the boys are watching "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring", I'm blogging, and mom is reading my Cooking Light magazines. As far as we've come as a society to tear down the walls of gender separation, sometimes it's just really nice to go your own way.

When mom and I arrived downtown today for our day of shopping we were scuttled off the Seneca exit of the 99 and directed south on 1st Ave. There were fire trucks, ambulances, and cops EVERYWHERE. Nuts! I can't find anything on any of the local news sites that tells me what was going on. We pulled around down onto Western Ave and went by the Harbor Steps building to find lots of people lining the streets. This leads me to believe that there was perhaps a fire in the building and it had been evacuated. Still, we can't find anything to tell us what was going on.

I'll keep digging....

Friday, January 26, 2007


This is how my coworkers feel about me always taking pictures of them.



Heather (and Jason and Greg):

Greg (and Jason again):

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Invasion of the Parents!

My parents are arriving in about 38 hours! My dad decided that he needs to go to the Seattle Boat Show, and my mother decided that we need to go furniture shopping while the boys are at said boat show. I actually really enjoy going to the boat show, but I also really enjoy shopping with my mother. It's a tough choice, but since she'll probably want to go somewhere for lunch besides the hot dog stand at the boat show, I think I'll go with her! Should be a fun weekend. We were supposed to head over the passes to Wenatchee to see Fat Happy play at Mission Ridge, but since they are coming over here instead we'll stay here.

Tuesday night I was lying in bed and I kept hearing a helicopter flying around overhead. Today there was an article about it on the West Seattle Blog. Apparently I wasn't the only one lying there listening to the helicopter. However, no one seems to know what it was. My guess is that there is a back of raccoons on the loose in West Seattle that are running a car theft ring. They're stealing cars in the night and driving them into the sound right before jumping out to land. Someone has finally caught on and now the Coast Guard is on the lookout. Those raccoons are tricky little creatures. One morning last year when we were still living at the Portage Bay Apartment I was walking to the bus stop and heard some noises behind me. I glanced back to see 5 raccoons following me with their beady little eyes focused on me. I freaked out and ran to the bus stop. They followed me for a good 2 blocks before finally giving up. When I got the bus stop I realized I had an open pack of peanuts in the side pocket of my packpack. That was the last time I ever carried opened food with me.......raccoons are scary. I'm sure they're behind the copter flying around West Seattle. I'm sure of it.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Berta Schmerta? Come visit!

This is shout out to my friend Roberta. I was going through old pictures getting ready to order some and finally make a 2006 album when I came across these. Roberta - remember the good times - come and visit us!!!!!!!!!! Christobahn Casa, Pman and Ares all miss you - Oh, and me too :)

Roberta's first trip to Anderson Island with Matty, Laura, Chris and I.

New years in Seattle, near the Space Needle.

Remember how much better the beer is up here? Come visit, I'll buy you some!

See how much fun????

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

2 cats and a Courtney on the couch...

I'm home. It's Tuesday, no class tonight. I'm still feeling a little under the weather. Kitties and I are curled up on the couch watching "The Wedding Date". It is sad that I am SUCH a SUCKER for a romantic comedy, no matter how horrible it is. The cast is lacking, the script is sadly un-witty, and the costumes need to quit showing body parts that shouldn't be shown. However, I am LOVING it. There is scandal, love, cheating, fleeting glances, drunken confessions, and oh did I mention - Dermot Mulroney. *phew* Ever since I saw him in "The Thing Called Love" I just have to watch everything he's in. Have you seen "The Thing Called Love"? If not then you must. Rent it, buy it, just watch it. I can sing every song from it (of course only in the shower) and also recite many of the lines. It's also got River Phoenix , Samantha Mathis and Sandra Bullock. It's just, well, awesome. Ok anyway.....what was I typing about....

Oh yeah, I'm at home, still fighting this darn cold! I tell you people, keep drinking your OJ and taking Airborne or Cold Eeze. You don't want this. But hey, it is a great excuse to hang out with kitties and perhaps order a pizza.

There was new news today about the car lot scandal. Apparently the former owner is giving the man his $70,000 back that the employees stole. That's pretty impressive. He also gave him back the money from the truck. An additional $30k. Brings my faith in human decency a bit higher. A bit.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Cold 4 - Courtney 0

Day 4 of feeling icky. My throat is no longer hurting (yay!!) but now I can't hear. Happily I do believe the worst of it is behind me. I didn't do much yesterday besides lay on the couch, wrapped in the Slanket, flanked by Ares watching reruns of Dawson's Creek. Chris as usual proved to be an amazing husband and took great care of me. Today it is back to work and tonight class. Class 4 of 9 is almost over! I'm almost half way done.

There have been some updates released about the car lot scandal. Apparently the lot had recently been sold and it is possible that not all information was released to the new owners. What a shock that would be to buy a dealership and then 2 weeks later have 11 of your employees announced as running a scam ring.

The whole thing just brings me back to the subject of human decency. It's lacking in today's society. Not everywhere, yes, but wow things just seem to turn for the worse. On this gripe I'd like to add a few points of frustration:
- People that cut in front of you to get on the bus. I've been standing in the cold for 10 minutes, when the bus pulls up you cut in front of me so you can get on first?? Wow....
- Umbrellas - again I note, if you have one, leave the dry spot under the eaves for those of us who don't. And if you are walking around with one, watch out for people!! You could poke an eye out.
- Crazy Drivers - just because you don't care if you die, doesn't mean that I want to go down with you. Quit going 90, weaving in and out of traffic, following too close. It's just lame.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Snow Karma

OK so, Chris and I planned all week to go up skiing today, there is new snow in the mountains, and I'm stuck here at home with a bad sore throat. I can barely talk and it feels like someone took sandpaper to the inside of my throat. No skiing for me. This was the day I was going to try out my new boots and jacket. We were going to have so much fun. Well, now I'll hang out on the couch all day watching my Dawson's Creek dvds. I guess it could be worse.

Since we're not going skiing, Matty and Chris are going to fix the missing shingles on our roof. This should provide much entertainment and I'll be sure to get a few pictures of them up there.

I may also have to make a trip to Target. I haven't been there in almost a month and I feel that I'm going through withdrawals. My mom called the other day and told me that they have their Global Bazaar collection in again. I like that collection, and I need a bedside table. My alarm clock, box of Kleenex and my gargoyle that protects me at night are currently poised on a tv tray from Ikea. Am I still in college?? No, I deserve a bedside table. I'd love to get Chris and I matching ones, but then Percy wouldn't be able to get up on the bed. He uses Chris's multi tiered table as a means to get to the prime napping spot. Percy has gotten so large that he can no longer jump from the floor directly to the bed. Poor fat boy.....

Oh, and a shout out to my friend C who gave me a Slanket for Christmas. It has become the favorite couch accessory for our entire family. I'd suggest the Slanket to anyone. You can sit on the couch, completely covered in blanket, nice and warm, but there are arm holes so you can type (which I'm doing now) or use the remotes without sacrificing warmth. Again, get a Slanket, you won't regret it!

Friday, January 19, 2007

I might not be able to talk too well, but I can still type!

Yep, I'm home sick today. I woke up at 4am with like the worst sore throat ever. I went into work from about 7am - 10am but then came home so I wouldn't pass this along to anyone else. Not feeling well sucks, but working from home and getting tons of stuff accomplished feels great. I've caught up on all of the items that keep popping up as outlook reminders over and over again for months. My inbox is cleaned out and my files are in order. It's like data spring cleaning!

Have you heard the recent news from West Seattle about all the employees at Huling Brothers being arrested. Wow, crazy. Apparently they sold a truck to a mentally ill person (who paid in cash) that showed up at their lot covered in urine and feces. Then they proceeded to go to his house when he wasn't there and steal the rest of his money. This is just baffling to me. What drives a person to treat another human being like that. To take advantage of somebody so obviously in need of help. What frustrates me even more is that we were thinking of buying a car from them this summer. We are thinking of getting a Jeep Liberty and we were excited since this dealership right here in West Seattle carried Jeep. Now I'm not so sure I want to deal with these people. I'm sure those that were part of this story will no longer be working there, but's sort of like the e.coli epidemic at Jack in the Box years ago, I've never eaten at one since. Not that I eat at fast food joints (well, except Taco Time), but still. Jack in the Box and e.coli are synonymous to me. So, forever in my mind, Huling Brothers in West Seattle will be synonymous with scandal.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

He's on the road!

Yep, the new car left the garage yesterday and made its first voyage with Chris to work. I felt like my mother on the drive home last night. I kept yelling at him "you're going to fast, it might be icy, watch out for that car, use your blinkers". Boy I'd sure hate to be driving me around. He's pretty good about it though, he just tunes me out. I do admit though, the new car rules! I can't wait until I actually get to drive it. Maybe this can only hope.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Ok, I wasn't going to gripe about this subject, but this just blows me away. So we've had a lot of snow lately. A LOT. And the roads in West Seattle have been horrible. Our neighborhood has been virtually impassable lately due to the ice. Our garbage truck hasn't even been by yet to pick up the stuff we've had out there since Sunday night (Monday is our usual pick up). Not once has a snow plow been through our part of West Seattle. No sand on the streets, nothing.

So last night things finally started to melt. Most of the roads driving home were pretty decent. Still a little bit of slush in our neighborhood, but not nearly as bad as before. Around 2am i was awoken to the sound of a large truck in front of our house. I just assumed it was our garbage or recycle service finally showing up. Imagine my surprise when I left our house this morning to find that it had been a snow plow that had put down sand on our nearly clear street. Sand, on the pavement!! To top it off, when I got to the bus stop this morning, 2 plows went past me on 35th Ave. Plowing the clear streets and putting down sand on the pavement.

I've tried not to be upset about the lack of response to our neighborhood during the huge windstorm and now the snow storms, but this was almost an insult to me. *Sigh*

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Snow Day! Round Two

Ok, enough already. We get it nature, you win. Now give us back our 45 degree weather which is normal for this time of year. I woke up this morning to about 2 inches of new snow. I trudged to the bus stop and proceeded to wait almost 1 hour before a guy drove by yelling "all the buses are stuck at the bottom of 35th!". So, I walked back home and got the Subaru out for a treacherous drive to work. Mind you, this is the day that my company picked to have it's mandatory all day 2007 kick off. Not that they planned for the snow, but it sure did make things difficult. Classes started at 8am sharp this morning. I arrived around 8:30. Oh well. The drive in wasn't THAT bad, but it really wasn't THAT fun either. The big hill on 35th was insane. There were cars spun out and crashed into each other. There was a bus jack knifed in the middle blocking all south bound lanes (hence no buses). My friend called me on my way and she was stranded as well so I went by her house to pick her up. It was a blizzard. We crept our way to downtown. Once here the roads were nice and slushy. I'm really really really really not looking forward to driving home tonight. Many of you know how much I HATE driving in Seattle. Especially when all the crazy idiots who drive 50 on the frozen streets and then bash their cars into each other are out. No pictures today, I was in too much shock about how much snow we had........

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Isn't he cute??

We haven't named him yet, so if you have any ideas, let me know.

The Car Buying Experience

They say it is one of the worst experiences. I wouldn't say that, but it wasn't as painless as it could have been! Needless to say, we're the proud owners of a brand new VW GTI (pictures to follow later, when the sun is up).

Good points of buying the car:
  • Rose Pederson - great sales lady
  • Automatically pulled around the exact car we wanted
  • Quoted us her lowest price (Costco Buyers Program) right off the bat
  • Lowered that price even a little more with a mere bat of the eyes
  • Free water bottles - lots of them
  • Rose Pederson - totally recommend her, if ever you are to buy a VW
Bad points of buying the car:
  • It started to snow when we were test driving (mind you we were trading in a AWD for a front wheel drive on one of the iciest days in Seattle history)
  • Tried to low ball us on the trade in value (we expected this - we were prepared)
  • Tried to low ball us on the financing (again, we expected this and were prepared)
  • Driving the car home on the icy streets
But really, all in all it was a pretty decent experience and we now have the coolest car ever! I can't wait for the roads to clear and we can take it out and put it through its paces. Chris must have visited the garage about 200 times last night to visit the vehicle. He even read the entire owners manual and tried out all the crazy features.

Of course, last night we put the new car in the garage and moved the Subaru out to the street. This might not have been the best move. I went to bed around 10. About 1 hour later I was woken up to Chris screaming "Courtney, someone is running into the car". Some idiots were trying to go up the steep hill in front of our house, the hill that is covered completely with ice, in a rear wheel drive car. Chris was in our garage admiring the new car when he heard the commotion out front. The idiots were slowly sliding into our car. Luckily Chris got out there in time, about 6 inches before they hit the Subaru, and moved it into the driveway. Then the idiots almost got their car moving and almost ran into our neighbors car. People - STAY OFF THE ROADS!!! Shesh.......the end.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Window to the subconscious

Dream Sequence: Matty, Scotty and I were in Hallmark trying to find Christmas ornaments from the early 90s. The lady kept telling us that we'd be better off trying eBay for these hard to find gems. We gave up and headed back to the old portage bay place via kayak. For some reason the streets of Seattle were filled with water. Lots of water. We decided to just pass the Portage Bay place and head to Lake Chelan. Once there we water skied and bbq'd and had a great time. It seems as if it was my birthday and there was cake and champagne to celebrate. Right then Chris showed up to help celebrate but he was really mad because we had already bbq'd and he wanted to play chef. So we let him cook and we ate a second celebratory dinner. Good times.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Kitties love snow!

Chris thought it would be fun to take the cats outside last night. Here are some pics of their adventure!

Chris and Percival - can you tell how happy Pman is?

Ares isn't at all sure about this snow stuff.

Percival makes a run for the door!

Ares is there to block his way!

Chris loves the snow!

Our back porch, covered in snow.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snow Day!!

Ok, so I was right yesterday by saying that the snow would probably hit by the time I left class last night. It actually hit at about 4pm, and for those of us who live in West Seattle, it hit hard!

I scratched my eye at work yesterday and had to take out my contacts. Sadly I didn't have my glasses with me so Chris came to get me and run me home in time to get my glasses before class. By the time we hit the West Seattle Bridge it was just dumping snow. By the time we got home and I could finally see again the snow was piling up. I decided that it wasn't worth it to try and get back downtown for class. Here are some pictures of my jaunt to the bus stop this morning. I had to wait about 1 hour for a bus to finally show up:

The view from the front door.

Our front yard.

Our front path.

One last glance back at the house.

Chris's car. Again, this baby is for sale!

First casualty of the storm.

Phew - made it to the bus stop. This is where my camera battery died!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Snow? Are you out there?

So we're supposed to have this huge storm today with snow and thunder and what not. Well, I can tell you, it's not here. It's cold, damn cold, but there is no snow falling and no thunder. I guess it is still pretty early. I'm sure the worst of it will hit right when I'm trying to get home from school tonight. The guy I ride home with has this Giant Car though and I'm sure it could plow through most anything......I hope.

In exciting news, I think Chris and I have decided to purchase a VW GTI. We're looking for an in town car that is still sporty and fun. We've done a lot of research and I think we'll go with this VW GTI. We're going to test drive them on Saturday. We've also signed up for the Costco Auto Buying program. Hopefully that will get us a good deal! All that being said, if you know anyone interested in a 2000 Subaru Imprezza Outback with fairly low miles let me know. We've got one we'll need to unload!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How to attract readers.

So I've been doing some research on how to make your blog more popular. They say you should write about celebrities and their sex lives and that will draw people to your site. This seems like a dangerous road to me. Why wouldn't you, my faithful readers - of who there are few, just go to or something like that if you wanted smut. Don't you want to know whats going on in Seattle? Like how another big wind storm has hit. About how it was so cold waiting for the bus last night after class. About how there were two punks at my bus stop smoking pot right there on the street. Oh, and how there were two drunk girls that got on the bus in front of Cowgirls Inc. Isn't this exciting stuff?

No, ok...then go to and read about Britney and Kevin's divorce. Or about how Hilary is moving on from Chad.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Wenatchee is a war zone.

According to my mother, Wenatchee currently looks like a war zone. Sustained winds of up to 60 mph in town hit yesterday (130 mph clocked at the top of Mission Ridge). My parents house and office have been without power since about noon yesterday. Their fence has been blown down. The neighbors no longer have trees in their yard. A large tree is leaning on the roof of their office. My cousin Frank called from up near Mission Ridge and said that all of the big, neat, old trees at Lincoln Park have been blown down. (Here is the story) What is with this crazy weather!! In Seattle tomorrow we're supposed to get snow and more wind. I'm sending Chris to the store tonight to load up on firewood.

Oh! And a shout out to my brother on his way to Japan. Safe travels bro, and try not to eat anything too crazy. Raw horse? Yuck!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's tough to be this good....

Why is it that things I hate I'm really good at. Back in school I hated Math, but somehow I could just look at problems and see the answer. Last night we played the Seafarers of Catan - an expansion for the Settlers of Catan. Not my idea of a really fun game. You get cards and buy things and build things and it's like Sim City or something for a board game. Just really not my thing. But somehow, every time we play these games I somehow win. I don't have a strategy, I really don't want to play, but I win. And I win by a landslide. I guess this constitutes as bragging, but it just seems plain silly to me.

I hated math and math type classes and I'd get 4.0s in those classes.
I loved literature and writing and reading and all that and I could barely squeak by with a 3.0 in those classes.
I love trivia but I always seem to get the questions that only Google knows the answer to.
I don't really care for the Catan games, but I collect tons of cards and buy lots of things, and win.

Where is the justice in that.

Friday, January 05, 2007

All Decked Out

So apparently if you need to get new ski boots, you also need to get new pants, jacket and hat to go with said boots. Even if said clothes don't match said boots. Yep, that's what I said. I went to REI last night and purchased my new boots and left my skis there to get adjusted. When I got to work this morning I had an email from the REI outlet stating that numerous items were an additional 20% off their already reduced prices. I found a pair of ski pants, a jacket and a really awesome hat. They were all already 50% and then to top it off an additional 20% off! I'm so excited. Now I have to sit and wait for them to be delivered to the store, which for some reason takes about a week, even though the Kent warehouse is only about 10 miles away. Still better than paying $20 for shipping! I can't wait to go skiing next weekend and try all my new stuff out!

In other news, the grandparent's computer is once again causing them grief so Chris and I will travel south to Olympia tomorrow morning to try and straighten it out..........Chris is very excited to go since I agreed that after we leave their house we can stop briefly at the Nisqually whatchamacallit place and do a walk about. That's one of his most favorite things to do....walk slowly through nature. Me, I want to walk fast and get wherever it is I'm going. I'll do laps and he'll enjoy nature. Should be fun...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Q2 Begins

Tonight is my first class of 2007. Chris is going out with friends, there was an offer of a ride home, and I have to go to class. Blech. I should have a positive attitude. Every class gets me that much closer to graduation. Every class is 2.5 hours in a room at night when I'd rather be out doing something else. Luckily I haven't done any of the reading yet that I was supposed to do. Maybe I can do that during class.....

I've decided on new ski boots. I'm going to get the Technica Attiva Flame. I'm going to REI tomorrow to purchase them and get them fitted to my skis. They won't be ready for this weekend so maybe Chris and I will go fishing instead.

I hate Bellevue. I hate driving in Bellevue. My car is too small. All the giant SUVs block my view.

The end.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Pics of Christmas 06

Happy New Year!!!

It's been a few days since I've been on here. Chris and I took a trip over the mountains to Wenatchee to celebrate a belated Christmas with my side of the family. My brother, his wife and my two nieces were there. We all stayed together at my parent's house. What a fun time we had.

Friday my brother, my father, Chris and I went skiing at Mission Ridge. The conditions were near perfect. Not too cold, slightly overcast, tons of snow. The LIBERATOR (the new high speed quad chair) was up and running smoothly keeping all of the lift lines at a minimum. Sadly, at some point this year, my feet outgrew my ski boots. I skied all day in a boot that was a size two small and now I may lose my toenail because of it. What a huge disappointment. I loved those boots. It will be hard to find another pair that I like as well. Of course, the fact that they didn't fit helped me give them up pretty easily. I gave them to my sister-in-law Sara. Lucky lady.

Saturday we took Chris to fisherman's heaven - Hooked On Toys. It's this crazy store in Wenatchee with a little bit of everything. Chris got a bunch of fly-tying equipment to use with his new vise I gave him for Christmas. I got a new tackle box!! It's really pretty and blue and will hold all of my fishing stuff. After that we went to Lincoln Park in Wenatchee and went sledding. My nieces had a blast, but probably not as much fun as Aunt Courtney & Uncle Chris.

Yesterday we drove back from Wenatchee since Chris had to work last night. He had to drive the Beaver to deliver the photos to the numerous boats that were out for New Years Eve. I ended up over at Matty's house for an amazing dinner. I was sure that I'd end up coming home and going to bed around 10pm, however I ended up staying there until we toasted the New Year. Jason was up visiting from Texas with his new girlfriend Lina. Monica also came over and Pete and Cloe showed up right before midnight. Jason and I dominated Trivial Pursuit. Turned out to be a really great way to spend the holiday. We even pulled out the champagne at midnight........

And now, another year has come and gone. It's been a whirlwind for Chris and I. We bought a house and got married in 2006. Hopefully 2007 will be a bit calmer!!

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