Thursday, January 13, 2011

Country Tour

Have you ever paid close attention to your shipment tracking?

Yesterday I placed an order with and as usual received an email that my order had shipped. I clicked on the link to see what the arrival date was and I saw the following:

Apparently my package is making some sort of US Tour. Kick off in Nevada! One night only in Kentucky! Stop over in Ohio!!

I'm curious where else it will go......

I Leveled Up!

funny pictures - Knight Kitty levels up!  Selecting New Class: Dolphin Rider

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

House Family Christmas Card 2010

In case you didn't receive one, Happy Holidays from the House family.

Showered With Gifts

We had a fabulous Christmas (other than that part where I was sick for 2 weeks straight). We celebrated with Chris's family the weekend before at Grandma's house in Olympia and we were showered with gifts. The following weekend we took a trek over the hills to Wenatchee to spend a few days with my parents and once again were showered with gifts. We also received a few gift showering packages along the way. I decided to make a photo collage of my gifts so I can remember them next year.

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