Thursday, March 11, 2010

To Kindle or Not To Kindle

That is a question I have been asking myself a lot lately.

I'm the gadget junkie in our family, always the first to get the new hip toy.  So when Chris ordered a Kindle a couple months ago I was not only jealous I was a bit ashamed.  But really, at the time, I had no desire to have one.

I love reading, but more importantly I love books.  I love collecting books, especially from my favorite authors.  But then there are those books that you read once, sort of enjoy, never want to read again, and take up valuable space in your already too crowded house.  I was torn.  But really, who's to say that I couldn't read some books on the Kindle, and others in their hardback first edition form that I covet?

So Chris received his Kindle and right away I knew I was going to want one.  He ordered a super cool leather case from Oberon Design, and a skin from Decal Girl, and I wanted those too.  I have been watching him enjoy his Kindle for weeks now and I've grown green with envy.

Yesterday I broke down and ordered my very own Kindle.  And true to form I had to have it right away so I opted for 2 day shipping.  I haven't ordered my Oberon case or my skin from Decal Girl yet but you can bet those won't be far behind.

I'm so predictable.
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