Monday, September 10, 2012

Anderson Island - Jones Family Invasion

This past weekend the Jones Family invaded Anderson Island.  We had a great time roasting hot dogs at the new fire pit, combing the beach for treasure, hiking along the nature trail at Andy's Marine Park, golfing with our new caddy Ella, buying Salsa and Turnovers at the Farmers Market, and enjoying each others company.

9 Humans, 3 Dogs, One Tiny Cabin!

Ella and Cousin Buddy were fast friends.

5 Month Old Mazie is getting HUGE.  She loved the beach, and taking all of Buddy's Toys (Buddy, not a fan...)

Buddy loved the girls.  Here he is with Sadie in his favorite "Please to rub my belly" position.

And here is Buddy helping Grandpa and Ella put up the tent.  He's a big help.

Ella, learning to be a caddy.

Jeff teeing off on hole 8.

Chris and a passed out JetterPants.

Leaving the Island, goofballs all around.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

5 Months....

....without a blog post.  How sad is that?  I wonder if anyone even notices besides my family.....
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