Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Auto Refill - A tale of frustration

I'm in a battle of wills with the Safeway Pharmacy on Roxbury in West Seattle. In October of 2009 I took my new prescription in to be filled and received pleasant service and prompt drugs. In November I called in for my refill and picked it up a few hours later. Easy Peasy. Then in December of 2009, things changed.

I called in and asked for my refill and upon my arrival at the pharmacy counter was informed of the wonders of Auto Refill. Did I know that I'd never have to remember to call in? That they would input me in the system and I would receive a call when my prescription was ready, at a minimum 5 days before my prescription ran out. Sounded nice to me so I signed up. Or so I thought.

In January, as I took my last pill, it dawned on me that I had no more. Where was the call from the Safeway Pharmacy you ask? Well I asked the same thing. I took a trip into the store and asked. I was told that they had called, but that they do not leave a message. "The machine" does not leave messages. Ok fine, at least now I know. So I took my drugs and headed home.

Then it was February and I received a message on my phone from "The Machine" that my prescription was ready. Really, weird, I thought it didn't leave messages. Oh well, prescription acquired.

March. No message, no call that I'm aware of. I call in to inquire if my prescription was ready and was told "of course it is, you're on auto refill, it is always ready at least 5 days early". So I ask "well why didn't I receive a call then" and was told "oh, we don't call, you just know to come in". Hmm.....curious.

April. I don't even bother wondering. I just drive to the store, two days before I'm out, and ask at the counter for my prescription. It isn't ready. I am told "that is weird, we show that you are on auto refill, but it wasn't triggered this month". Ok fine, I understand how computers can "error", I decide to let that one slide.

May. Again, no call, no message, I take a trip to the store. I am told that I was called, but when I didn't come in they returned my prescription to their stores. Seriously. I was there 4 days before my prescription ran out. I know for a fact I never received a call. I ask them to double check my phone number. Correct. I ask for the date it should have been ready. Correct (even though I was apparently already late???). Ok fine. I asked them for my prescription, pay and leave.

Today. Not surprisingly I never received a call. No message. 4 days before my prescription runs out. I drive to Safeway. I ask for my prescription. Not ready. They check the computer. Weird, I'm not signed up for Auto Refill. And even stranger, I'm told "You were never ever enrolled in Auto Refill". They offered to sign me up.


I give up.
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