Thursday, December 14, 2006

Have you seen my husband?

We are now on day 14 of the Christmas ship festival and I haven't seen Chris since.....Sunday morning? I mean, I see him, and he's asleep. He sees me, and I'm asleep. I get up and leave for work at 6:30am. He gets home from work no earlier than 10:30pm (way past my bedtime). We are like boats passing on a foggy night. We know we're there because of the radar, but we can't quite see each other. Tonight we're going on the Christmas ship with a large group of our friends. Unless the winds get too bad today I might actually get to hang out with my husband for a couple of hours on the boat.

Saturday my nieces are coming to stay with us for the weekend (oh yeah, and my brother and his wife). We're going to take them all out on the Christmas ship! This will be their first adventure on one of Uncle Chris's boats. I think they're really going to enjoy it. I might be a little more excited than they are......

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