Sunday, December 17, 2006

I *heart* power!

Holy Cow. I am so thankful for power, and power crews, and for heat. Yesterday was miserable. We called every hotel within 30 miles of Seattle (except for those - as my mom puts it - the hookers use). Even those were probably booked. Not a room to be found. Although the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls had rooms, um, but no power. "We have wood stoves!". So, Chris and I decided that perhaps we'd go get some wood and use our fireplace. So we went to 2 home depots, Costco, and a bunch of other places we could think of. All had signs that said "No wood, duraflame logs, lanterns, D or C Batteries". Basically we were SOL. We decided to regroup at the Elliott Bay Brew pub to decide our next move. Over a very yummy dinner we remembered that we had all the wood from the dismantled sand box in our garage. So, after dinner we came home and went to work. I moved the Christmas Tree away from the fireplace and blew up our blow-up mattress. Chris went to work cutting up the wood with the only saw we had. A little tiny hack saw. After about an hour we were ready. We built a fire in our fireplace (which we'd never used before). And finally the house warmed up to about 49 degrees. About 3 minutes later - bam! the POWER CAME BACK ON!!!!! We then did the YAY WE HAVE POWER dance for about 10 minutes and the house began to warm up. The kitties were thrilled! We were thrilled! Yay!!

Today we begin the clean up. Apparently when you don't have power you just put things anywhere when you come home. Dirty clothes can't even make the extra foot to the laundry hamper. They just pile up on the floor. I'll also have to clean out our fridge. 48 hour of no power and we have 1 stinky fridge.

Side Note - Movie Review - Eragon
While downtown with Matty yesterday we went to see Eragon a the Pacific Place theater. None of us have actually read the book, so we went into it blind. I thought it was great. Chris and Matt complained about the costumes. I think I was just blinded by the hottie playing Eragon. It's a really short movie though, only about 1.5 hours. I think I'll go buy the book today. I'd love to know what was missing from the movie.

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