Saturday, December 16, 2006

Major Bummer

Well, I am currently sitting at a desk in Chris's office typing this. I had to come into work with him so that I could dry my hair. We are currently at 32 hours without power at our house. Our thermostat reads 47 degrees. After about 30 minutes of driving around this morning I found a Starbucks open. Most of the southern part of West Seattle is still without power and it is supposed to be even colder tonight. I'm trying to find a hotel room in downtown Seattle for us to spend the night at but they are all full. Probably people Christmas Shopping. They should go home and leave the rooms for those of us with a freezing house. Chris made the mistake of opening the fridge this morning. Ewwww....that's a smell I don't want to encounter again. We had to call my brother and cancel their visit. We're just not even sure when we'll get power back. They say it could be as long as 48 more hours. The cats are at home curled up in the pile of quilts on the bed. They just can't figure out why we're making them suffer. We ended up at the Beveridge Place Pub last night since they had a generator. The place was packed! We even found a pizza place with power that delivered to the pub. We played a rousing game of hearts with Matty. I lost. I tend to do that if there is drinking involved.

Back to the search for a hotel!

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