Thursday, January 25, 2007

Invasion of the Parents!

My parents are arriving in about 38 hours! My dad decided that he needs to go to the Seattle Boat Show, and my mother decided that we need to go furniture shopping while the boys are at said boat show. I actually really enjoy going to the boat show, but I also really enjoy shopping with my mother. It's a tough choice, but since she'll probably want to go somewhere for lunch besides the hot dog stand at the boat show, I think I'll go with her! Should be a fun weekend. We were supposed to head over the passes to Wenatchee to see Fat Happy play at Mission Ridge, but since they are coming over here instead we'll stay here.

Tuesday night I was lying in bed and I kept hearing a helicopter flying around overhead. Today there was an article about it on the West Seattle Blog. Apparently I wasn't the only one lying there listening to the helicopter. However, no one seems to know what it was. My guess is that there is a back of raccoons on the loose in West Seattle that are running a car theft ring. They're stealing cars in the night and driving them into the sound right before jumping out to land. Someone has finally caught on and now the Coast Guard is on the lookout. Those raccoons are tricky little creatures. One morning last year when we were still living at the Portage Bay Apartment I was walking to the bus stop and heard some noises behind me. I glanced back to see 5 raccoons following me with their beady little eyes focused on me. I freaked out and ran to the bus stop. They followed me for a good 2 blocks before finally giving up. When I got the bus stop I realized I had an open pack of peanuts in the side pocket of my packpack. That was the last time I ever carried opened food with me.......raccoons are scary. I'm sure they're behind the copter flying around West Seattle. I'm sure of it.

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Phil Plasma said...

I've often wondered if some of the corporate leaders of the world aren't raccoons in disguise...

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