Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 (9th annual) Jones - Kalahar - Walters Ski - In

Chris and I went to Wenatchee this past weekend for the 9th Annual Ski-In. A gathering of friends and family and friends of family who grew up ski racing at Mission Ridge. We gather for a day of skiing and then retire to Ron and Deb Walters's house for an evening potluck and reminiscing. This year, like those of the past, was great fun. Below are pictures of the event.

Chris getting excited for the day ahead and carrying some VERY hot and yucky lattes.

First Taste - ewwwwww

Chris thinking he's funny....

Dad and I on Chair 3!

The morning crew gathered at the summit. (From Left: Courtney, Chris, Uncle Bud, Allen, Sue, Pat, Susie, & John).

Can you believe this guy is 83 years old! We call him "Fire on the Mountain" and he always returns with "more like Flicker in the Valley".

The mid morning group stopped for a picture. Too many to name!

Chris being his usual self at the top of Chair 2 - The Liberator.

Dad and I after a few lunchtime beers! (One of the best parts of the Ski-In!).

Dad posed in front of the Bomber wing.

Chris of course found a sign to read - telling of the lore of the Bomber wing and the aptly named Bomber Bowl.

I got a bit hungry....

Dad and Chris in the fog.....

So there is a great story behind this. All day long I kept spraying my dad with snow every time he stopped. So finally I was ahead of him, came to a stop and he skied up to spray me with snow. Sadly, he's not as talented at the snow spray and ended up sprawled out in the snow. This was the topic of conversation for quite a while at the potluck!

Chris and I after a long day on the mountain!

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