Friday, February 16, 2007

P-town, PDX, Seattle-lite

I'm heading to Portland, OR this weekend to visit my brother and his wife and get some face time with the two cutest nieces in the land (Chris has to stay here and work and play Warcraft). I'm trying to think of anything and everything that I need that I could possibly buy this weekend with no sales tax. Here is what I've come up with:

1. Lamps for our bedroom. I'm so indecisive on this subject it's ridiculous.
2. Any clearance ski clothing (not really a need as much as a want).
3. Kitty condo for the cats (this will appease Chris more than them).
4. Books, Books & more Books. Perhaps a trip to Powells will be in order.
5. Outdoor fireplace. I want one for the backyard. I could perhaps stop at Home Depot and pick one up (we still have quite a few Home Depot gift cards left from the wedding - awesome gifts BTW).

Most likely I'll come back with nothing, but we'll see. P-town here I come!

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