Sunday, April 29, 2007

Anything to Save a Buck!

When I was a kid my Uncle Bob started calling my dad "Ole TW", which stood for Tight Wad. My Uncle was always making fun of my dad for being tight with his money and always going out of his way to save a buck or two.

Today's case in point: My parents just drove all the way over from Wenatchee to pick up our old refrigerator. My dad said to me "How much could you get for it? $150? I'll give you $100". And so we struck a deal and he and mom hopped in the truck this morning and drove all the way here just to get the fridge (it is about 155 miles door to door). Apparently he needed one for his rental house.

Little does he know that this trip is actually going to cost him a bundle because as they were driving away I heard my mom telling him that on the way home they were stopping in Southcenter to go shopping.

Good luck TW!

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