Monday, April 16, 2007

First Kayak Fishing Weekend

Behold, pictures of the first weekend of Kayak Fishing. We headed down to Anderson Island on Friday for a weekend on the water. Below are some pictures of the progression. In addition some highlights were:

  • On Friday I arrived to a fire in the fireplace and dinner on the stove!
  • Chris got me a new Manny's Pale Ale Sweatshirt (and brought growlers of Manny's and Chopper's).
  • The resident bald eagle was very active.
  • A dead seal was washed up on the shore and the eagle had eaten it's head (not really a highlight, but worth noting).
  • The fishing was amazing! The best I've ever had at the cabin.
  • The kayaks are even more fun than I ever imagined. Except for the part where you have to lift them places, then they are heavy.
  • I played a pretty good round of golf (for me).
  • I'm tired and sore, but in that oh so good way.....

Chris and I, excited for our first voyage in the new boats!

Chris leading the way...

First fish in the new kayak.

First fish for Courtney (well, not the first really, but we had to trade off the camera).

Chris enjoying a frosty Manny's after a long day on the water, contemplating the next days journey.

Yay, Kayaks!

My sweet sweet ride. Note the beer and fishing rod holders.

First 2007 round of golf at the Anderson Island course. A nice 9 hole course that winds through the Riviera Country Club. We only saw 1 deer this time, a doe, and I thought she was going to come right up to me.

The view from my ball. Ben shooting for Par (probably not, but it sounds good).

Heading home.

Chris in the lead. I was very impressed at how little the boats moved on the trip.

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