Tuesday, May 01, 2007

$900 to go!

When I signed up for the Breast Cancer 3day I was scared silly at the prospect of raising $2,200. I even mentally prepared myself for the prospect of paying the entire $2,200 myself. But here I am, still 4 months away from the event and I've already raised $1,300!!! I can not begin to describe how generous and giving my friends, family and coworkers have been. They have opened up their wallets! But also, they have opened up their stories of how this disease has affected them, and why they are willing to donate. Every story I hear, every friend I've made along this journey, has convinced me even more why it is so important that I do this. I actually sit here thinking to myself how I can get involved in other fights, not only the one against Breast Cancer. I guess it is true, you have to pick your battles. This year my battle is Breast Cancer.....what will next year be?

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