Monday, May 14, 2007

Invasion of the Jones Family

This past weekend my entire family decided to invade Seattle and settle at our house. My brother, his wife, and the two girls showed up Friday night and Mom and Dad arrived Saturday morning. We spent Saturday on the waterfront exploring the Aquarium and watching the Tug Boat Races. Saturday night we celebrated Jeff's birthday (don't worry bro - I won't put in type just how old you are) with a BBQ feast and Sunday morning we celebrated Mother's day with a homemade brunch. I am pretty sure that everyone enjoyed themselves (except for the part where Chris and I gave up our beds and slept on a blow up mattress in the basement). Here are some photos from the weekend:

Sadie on the Water Taxi:

Ella on the Water Taxi:

Uncle Chris took Ella and Sadie into the wheel house to visit Captain Susan:

Tug Boat Races!

Fun Times at the Aquarium:

Ella got a Tiger Shark painted on her face:

Sadie had a Penguin painted on hers:

Uncle Chris was put in charge of Maddy and The Captain while he was BBQ'n.

The cats were very happy when everyone left:

Big sweeps were made:

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Roberta said...

Jones invasion!

Great photos...Ella & Sadie look so grown up now!

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