Sunday, May 20, 2007

Once when we were young...

I was cleaning out my hard drive and came across these pictures of my family that I had scanned in last year for a photo project I was working on.....Pretty funny stuff! (I'm too tired to write much more - I logged 26,000 steps yesterday!).

The Jones Family (1992) - Courtney, Jeff, Nita & Allen.

The Jones Family in Cabo San Lucas (Christmas 1994) - Jeff, Courtney, Nita & Allen

Courtney, Nita & Allen at the 100 years Celebration of Chiropractic (1995)

Dad and I when I was inducted into the Wenatchee Central Lions Club (2000)

Jeff and I at the top of Tumwater - Mission Ridge 2001

Jeff, Courtney & Allen - Castle Rock (above Wenatchee) Thanksgiving 1999

Sara, Allen & Courtney - Castle Rock (above Wenatchee) Thanksgiving 1999

Allen & Courtney - Annual Ski In - 2001

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