Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Review: Boat Street Cafe

First off - shout out to Matty who is celebrating his 31st b'day today! Yay Matty!!! Welcome to 31!

In honor of Matty's b'day we met up at Steamers on the waterfront for happy hour last night. A surprise visitor (Matty's mom) then took us out to dinner at the Boat Street Cafe. Oh my gosh, it was a wonderful dinner. First off - we sat outside. Yesterday it was 80 in Seattle and the evening was so pleasant. They served us warm bread with butter drizzled in olive oil. So yummy. We all shared a butter lettuce salad, wow. Karas and I both ordered the Pork Loin Chop, Matty had the Lamb, Chris the Rib Eye, and Shannon the Crab Cakes. We all raved about our meals. Then the dessert, oh yes there was dessert - it was Matty's b'day celebration! We shared to Chocolate Cream Pot (Pot de cream) and the Bread Pudding. Wow, I was dreaming about the Pot de Cream all night, so amazing. Oh and there was wine - of course there was wine. I don't remember exactly what we ordered (a rose and a red) but both were amazing. I HIGHLY recommend the Boat Street Cafe. It had it all - ambiance, great service, wonderful food.

Thanks to Matty's mom for an amazing dinner!

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