Wednesday, June 20, 2007

$2,200! Yay!

Today I hit the goal! $2,200 raised for the Breast Cancer 3day. Now, everything else I raise is just icing on the cake. Below is a list of all the folks that donated. Thank you all SO MUCH! I'll do the walking! 60 miles in 3 days.

Allen and Nita Jones
Angie House
Ashley Johnson
Brandon Marmion
Chae Watson
Christy Varonfakis
Courtney House
Darrell Hahn
David Wickler
David Williams
David Oakes
Dorothy Darrow
Ellen Wahlen
Eva Isaksen
Gina Reid
Heather Boylan
Jeff Medford
Jefff and Sara Jones
Jill Cummings
Joseph Arent-zachary
Judy McOstrich
Katherine Hansen
Marjie Halgren
Mary Ann McNair
Matthew Pope
Megan Mazanir
Mellina White
Rodney Kuhn
Roger Kissinger
Sarah Burroughs
Scott Johnson

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