Monday, July 09, 2007

Sunburnt & Sore - Oh What a Feeling

We spent the weekend at Lake Chelan. We wanted to expose Roberta to the good life. We spent all day Saturday in the sun, camped out on the lake shore, kayaking, fishing, swimming, chatting, and drinking cold beverages. I must have lathered up with sunscreen about 7 times during the course of the day and I'm still a hilarious shade of red. Oh the joys of fair skin. In addition, Chris made me practice dumping my kayak and struggling to get back in it, just in case it ever happens out in the sound. Lets just say that in the battle of Courtney vs. Kayak - Kayak won 3-0. I managed to get it turned back over and hoist my lazy ass back into it, but I'm now covered in all kinds of crazy bruises. My mom said that if I happened to go to the emergency room they would probably arrest Chris on the spot for spousal abuse.

Fun Times.

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