Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Black Mouth Salmon

During our Kayaking adventure on Saturday we took off across the passage to Devil's Head instead of fishing our normal spot at the mouth of Amsterdam Bay. No fish to be had at Devil's Head so we headed back to Amsterdam Bay (about 1 hour round trip of kayaking) and Chris proceeded to catch the following black mouth salmon. Measuring in at 24 inches. BBQ Salmon for dinner! I had a similar one on my line about 3 minutes after he caught this one. It spun me in circles in my kayak for about 2 minutes and then snapped my line. The one that got away....

Freshly caught!

Token Hobie Logo photo to send to them.

Chris's foot size 10.5 vs Salmon size 24 inches.

Eat me....

Token Courtney self portrait.

Chris on the long kayak to Devil's Head.

Devil's Head is the point in the distance. Took about 25 minutes to peddle there.

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