Thursday, August 02, 2007

I've reached my goal, but....

Thank you thank you thank you to my supporters who helped me reach my goal of $2,200 for the Breast Cancer 3day! Although I've made my goal, there are a few people on my Warming Hut Hottie team who will be unable to walk in the event if they don't meet their goal. These people have been out there training since March and it would be a huge shame if they couldn't walk in the event. If you don't hit $2,200 you either pay the difference yourself to walk in the event or you don't walk. If you haven't yet donated to the Breast Cancer 3day, please consider donating to one of my team mates.

Melissa - Our Hottie Team Captain
Dennis - Our training walk route creator!
Stephanie - Our backup training walk leader
Arielle - A great lady!
Courtney - Yes there is another Courtney on the team.

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