Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Chris and I were on vacation last week. No laptop, no internet, very little cell coverage, and no blogging. It was much needed. It is necessary to walk away from everything once in a while to convince yourself that it will keep on going without you.

A brief recap of our vacation week.

We started with a B'day bbq on Friday night with Matt and Karas. Chris made me my favorite, cheeseburgers. We enjoyed a beautiful night outside by the fire pit and played a lot of hearts. The next morning we packed up the car and headed to the Hottie Walkluck at Woodland Park. Chris got to meet all of the ladies I've been walking with for months and we had some team bonding time in preparation for the big walk. After the Walkluck was over we headed over the mountains to Lake Chelan.

My parents had picked up my niece Ella that day and met us at the cabin. We spent the next few days fishing, swimming, wine tasting, s'more making, water skiing, and watching Harry Potter movies. It was a great experience to see Ella enjoying all of the things I enjoyed so much growing up at the lake. She caught her first fish, made friends with the local kids, and even got to go tubbing behind Grandpa's boat. I think she smiled the entire time.

Chris and I took of one day and went to the other side of the lake to fish at Lake Antilon. We had taken our kayaks and managed to sneak out to the middle of the lake. We caught a bunch of Trout, Crappie and Blue Gill. After that we stopped at 4 wineries on the way back to the cabin for some wine tasting. Our favorite by far is still Tildio. She even remembered us this year.

On Wednesday we packed up and made our way back to Seattle where we played with the kitties, did a load of laundry, loaded up on groceries, grabbed our golf clubs and headed to Anderson Island. We spent the next few days fishing, fishing, fishing, golfing, fishing, golfing, and fishing.

On Friday night Angie, Brandon and their cat Oliver joined us at the cabin. We got up early on Saturday and went to watch the annual Anderson Island Labor Day Parade (about 15 minutes). Afterwards we went to the bake sale, the silent auction, a ton of garage sales, and the live auction (where I bought a nice wine basket). We even went to a garage sale where if you bought something they gave you a pint of beer from their keg. It was called the "Man Sale". Then we went fishing some more and Chris caught a nice Silver (probably 25") that we BBQ'd on Saturday night. I had a real nice Salmon on at one point and was lifting it up to show Chris when a GIGANTIC dog fish swam under my kayak scaring me like crazy and causing me to launch the fish into my kayak. It was Chaos for a while by I managed to release the fish after a bit of a struggle. We managed to catch quite a few nice fish but only kept the one.

Finally on Monday we headed back home early to beat the traffic. We got in the ferry line at 9:45am to catch the 11am ferry and boy were we glad we did. We left two ferry lines of traffic behind on that boat. The joys of holiday travel!

Now it is back to the grind. Work work work and more work. Only 2 more days until the Breast Cancer 3day!

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