Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My 3Day Experience - Day 2

Saturday 9/11/07 - Day2

Day two came bright and early. We were up at 5am to dress, eat and get ready to hit the road.

The course opened at 6:30am but we didn't hit the road until about 7am. Fellow Hotties were busy visiting the blister care center and medical tent and we wanted to make sure everyone was cleared to go. Hottie David was held at the medical tent for an irregular heart beat so we stood outside and sang him a song. We were sad but we had to leave without him.

We headed out along the streets of Burien towards SeaTac. At pit stop 2 along the 99 by the airport Hottie David caught up to us! He was released by the medics and had booked it to catch us.
picture 063
Next we continued south along the 99 almost to Chris and My favorite fly fishing shop. We then headed west past Highline Community College and our first Cheering Station of the day. Many friends and family were there to cheer us on. This really helped. Day 2 is by far the hardest day! After the cheering station I met Scooby Doo!
picture 067
We kept on going until we came to a steep hill that lead down into the Saltwater State Park where we were having lunch that day. Lunch was YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY (again, everything was yummy by that point) and we ate on a the shores of Puget Sound.
After a much needed break, and a change of socks, we hit the road again on our way to Des Moines. At one point we came across this amazing retirement community that had done up their front lawn in beautiful pink balloons.
picture 077
After the Grab & Go for the day (Grab & Go = Honey Buckets & water refills only - no food) we entered our second cheering station for the day where we came across this tree filled with the names of loved ones lost & loved ones still fighting (needless to say there were tears and laughter both).
picture 088
Luckily the cheering station boosted our spirits because we next encountered a giant hill. We started our Hottie Cadence and zoomed up the hill and into a beautiful neighborhood. We all took turns pointing out which of the mansions we would love to live in as we walked the roller coaster like road that wound through what we think was Normandy Park. We entered our second to last pit stop for the day and I discovered my first (and only!!!) blister of the 3 day. Oh, and Dennis & Melissa took a little snoozer!
picture 097
This is Barry - he's doing all 12 3 Day walks this year. (
picture 093
This is George - he's also doing all 12 3 Day walks this year! (
picture 099
We then headed off on our last 6 miles to camp. We came across the Parrot Head Club of Seattle who hydrated us with Gatoritas in true Jimmy Buffet style.
picture 104
By that point we were almost there and cadenced our way to camp! Once at camp we showered, had dinner, and settled in for the evening program. Other walkers got up on stage and told their stories (more tears and laughter), they held the finals for 3 Day Rockstar (yep, other walkers sang us song and they were awesome), and then they let us loose on the center of the dinner area for a 30 minute dance party. Now I know you're thinking, no way! After 45 miles of walking in 2 days they got up and dance?!?! But yep, we did, and it was a blast. Especially when they played "We Are Family" by Sister Sledge and I got to dance with all of my Hottie teammates. Melissa and Dennis had brought 300 glowing pink bracelets and passed them out to the crowd and we all forgot our aches and pains for a short while. And then, it was 9pm and LIGHTS OUT!

More to come.....

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