Thursday, October 25, 2007

Halloween = Chili Cook Off?

At work today we had a Halloween party. It consisted of a chili cook off and a beer tasting contest. I totally understand how beer and Halloween go hand in hand, but chili? Granted, the chili was good. There were about eight different kinds. I made some yummy corn bread muffins (chili seemed to heavy to carry to work with me). I also won a glow in the dark black cat Pez dispenser by sticking my hand in a slimy bucket of brains (cold wet noodles) and pulling out a little pink ball. Our CEO won the beer tasting contest. I think it must have been rigged. I didn't even taste the beer and I could tell which was which just by the colors. Now that is a skill. Yep, I have beer skills, and chili eating skills, and prize winning skills.

Happy Halloween Party/Chili Contest/Beer Tasting Day!

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