Sunday, October 07, 2007

A Weekend for Me!

This weekend has been awesome. Mainly because I've done absolutely what I wanted to do. Drank Chocolate Martinis with Christy, went to bed early, got up early, I read my magazines, I shopped, I visited Kellibird, I talked on the phone, I cleaned the house, and I'm about 10 minutes away from ordering my pink laptop (well maybe, tough decision). Chris is out of town at the 20th anniversary of Boys Weekend at Anderson Island. I took advantage of his absence by doing all the little things that I've let pile up. Feels awesome, but I'm really glad he'll be coming home in a few hours - the kitties and I miss him like crazy. Percy has been whining for 2 days straight and Ares keeps running around the house looking for him and talking to himself. He sounds like a little kid cussing under his breath. I think I'll go put up more Halloween decorations.

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