Monday, November 19, 2007


The cold weather is here. My office is FREEZING. Currently there is a man here trying to fix that for me, but for now I am wearing my coat and drinking tea. A minute ago I swear I saw snow outside my window, now it is just rain. Another Seattle winter.

Tonight is the annual Argosy Cruises Christmas party. I carried my fancy party dress with me on the bus this morning and my shoes, makeup and nylons are in my backpack. Argosy always throws a great party. First there is a cocktail hour from 6 to 7. Next we eat a wonderful meal from 7 to 8. Then we sit as they give out an array of prizes to the captains and crew from 8 to 9. Lastly we dance the night away from 9 until our feet give out. This year they are hosting it at the Fairmont Olympic hotel. I've never actually been inside the Fairmont so I'm very excited! I inquired about getting a room there for tonight but the cheapest was $350. Probably worth it, but not to me.

Last night Chris and I sat down on the couch and planned out our dinner for Thanksgiving. We will be traveling south to Olympia (Lacey actually) to the Grandparent's house to cook the meal for his family. Our menu includes the following:
The Holidays are upon us.

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