Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My beef with the Family Channel

Sunday night I was laying on the couch after a long hard day of laying on the couch and surfed over to the Family Channel to watch "What a Girl Wants". Yeah, laugh all you want, I like that movie. I was happily watching Amanda Bynes frolic in England when a commercial came on. Two scantily clad adults, one male and one female, were lying in a large bed near a roaring fire. They were congratulating each other on how good they'd both been that night. How much fun they'd had. How great they'd been. Etc. Then the woman said "And you were so fast!". Flash to them earlier in the night playing Pictionary with a group of friends. Funny right? Well yes, if you're an adult. But really should that be shown on the Family Channel to a group of impressionable teenage girls who are watching the timeless classic "What a Girl Wants"? I don't know, call me an old fuddy duddy, but I just don't find that appropriate. So from now on I'm boycotting the Family Channel.

*steps off soap box*

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