Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ski Day

I made a quick trip to Wenatchee this week (since I'm currently between jobs!) to join my dad for a day of skiing at Mission Ridge. I picked the perfect day to head up to the mountain. It was 28 degrees (perfect for skiing) and sunny the entire day. The snow was what we call "Hero Snow", the kind that makes you feel like you're the best skier ever. We were joined by my dad's Thursday crew at lunch time and had a fun afternoon of friends, skiing, beers and jokes. Here are some photos of the day. Days like this are few and far between and I'm glad I had the chance to enjoy this one. These are the fun times.....

january 2007 013

january 2007 016

january 2007 017

january 2007 019

january 2007 020

january 2007 025

january 2007 030

january 2007 033

january 2007 034

january 2007 035

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