Thursday, February 21, 2008

Alderbrook Resort & Spa - Valentine's Day 2008

For Valentine's Day this year Chris surprised me with a trip to the Alderbrook Resort & Spa on Hood Canal. I'd never been out to that area before and we had a blast! We had planned on golfing, but decided to try fishing our way back home instead. We didn't catch anything, not a single bite, but we enjoyed it. Here is map showing the route we took. The red circle is where the resort was.

And, here are some photos from the journey. Chris House drove the first day - super fast!
alderbrook 005
I was the passenger.
alderbrook 007
We packed enough for a weeks vacation, even though we were only going overnight.
alderbrook 009
alderbrook 010
Fun times on the Fauntleroy Southworth ferry from West Seattle.
alderbrook 015
It was pretty empty.
alderbrook 016
Chris was really excited once we got to Alderbrook.
alderbrook 019
He got some ideas for the backyard.
alderbrook 020
Top floor third from the right was our room, Waterfront King.
alderbrook 022
alderbrook 024
Lots of fun things to explore.
alderbrook 025
alderbrook 023
alderbrook 032
Too bad this place wasn't open for the season yet!
alderbrook 027
Not much to do but enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
alderbrook 029
alderbrook 030
alderbrook 031
Our room was beautiful, filled with wonderful things.
alderbrook 039
alderbrook 041
Including robes which pleased Chris greatly.
alderbrook 037
alderbrook 040
alderbrook 042
alderbrook 043
alderbrook 044
alderbrook 048
I couldn't stop laughing at him.
alderbrook 050
The view from our room.
alderbrook 053
alderbrook 054
alderbrook 056
On the way up north on the west side of the canal we stopped to fish at a couple of spots. One of them being Potlatch State Park.
alderbrook 061
alderbrook 062
Alas, fishing wasn't for us that day so we continued north enjoying the scenery until we reached Port Townsend. We strolled through the kitschy tourist shops and enjoyed a yummy lunch at Water Street Brewing. We then drove to Bainbridge Island where we caught the ferry back to Seattle.
alderbrook 063
Appropriately we rode the Wenatchee home.
alderbrook 067

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