Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cats Are Not Watchdogs

Chris has been out of town for a few days at his annual Argosy management retreat so I've had the house to myself. I was looking forward to a couple nights of uninterrupted Law & Order watching, and sleeping without the not so soothing sounds of a snore machine. I forgot all about how paranoid I get in a creaky old house in the middle of the night.

Last night I curled up in bed around 9pm to watch Law & Order: Criminal Intent and promptly fell asleep. At around 10:30pm 3 or 4 police cars went screaming by on the road in front of our house sirens blaring. That woke me right up and sent my heart pumping into overtime. From that point until about 2am I was sure that every noise I heard was someone trying to break into our house to rape me (yes, I realize I watch too much Law & Order: SVU). As I lay there, heart pounding, both cats were sound asleep on the bed. Percy even stepped in for Chris with his best snore machine impersonation. If Chris leaves again I'm going to trade in these worthless cats for a watchdog.

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david santos said...

Eacellent, Kirikiri!
I love this cat and dog. Nice posting

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