Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Windows 2008 - Advice Wanted

Chris and I have decided that the time has come to begin researching new windows for our house. Our house was built in 1948 and I'm pretty sure most of the windows are from that date. They are mostly single pane, drafty, and not the slightest bit energy efficient.

So, on Monday we braved the Seattle Home Show to look at all the options. And there were plenty of options. Too many in fact and we left more confused than when we went in.

The worst part was the Penguin Windows booth. They didn't want to answer any questions about windows. They just wanted us to sign up for their drawing for $10,000 worth of free windows! There were 6 people at their booth, dressed in tuxedos, and every single one of them tried to harass us into signing up. They were standing next to each other. Right next to each other. The first one would say "Would you like to sign up for our drawing" and we'd say "No". Then automatically the next one would say "We're having a drawing, why don't you sign up" and we'd say "No". And before we took another step the next Penguin would start in on us. By then time we got to the sixth Penguin we were almost running and I shouted "No". Under her breath she said "Geeze, talk about rude". Yeah, that's right, I'm the rude one. Needless to say, I won't be buying windows from them.

If anyone out there in Internet land has any advice on replacement windows, which kind we should go with, and replacement window companies (in the Seattle area), please oh please post a comment. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

We had a bunch replaced last fall, I can't remember what kind, I'll check. (I think my brain is still messed up by learning that my son is in a homosexual marriage!)

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