Monday, April 21, 2008

The Battle

We have two cats. Neither of which are "long" haired cats. Yet our entire house is constantly covered in cat hair. Not only covered in cat hair but you can often find it floating by in the air. The other day Chris said "I think I just saw our third cat float by". It doesn't usually bother me that much. I've always had cats and dealt with the consequences. I actually don't hardly notice anymore.

But then my parents came to visit for the weekend. All I heard about was how much cat hair was on their clothes. My dad was walking around with a lint roller and rolling off the couch before he sat down each time. And here I thought the place was pretty clean. I mean, we even have a cleaning lady that comes twice a month to help fight the cat hair for me. But apparently it is still everywhere.

Oh, and at my walk on Saturday morning my co-captain Stephanie looked at me and said "Boy you're hairy". I'm hoping she meant the cat hair and not me in general.

This sort of sums up how it works:

humorous pictures

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