Friday, May 02, 2008

Warning: Do not let Courtney use unsupervised.

Yesterday after a grueling commute home (May Day march congestion) I needed to burn off some steam. I knew that Chris wouldn't be home for hours so I thought it would be a good time to get some yard work done. I pulled out our mower and mowed both the front and back yard. Then I pulled out our edger and edged every edge in the front yard. Then I got out my blower/vac and blew all the edge clippings and fallen flowers from our crazy cherry trees into a pile and then vac'd it all into the bag and deposited in the Yard Waste bin.

Sounds all easy peasy doesn't it.

What I'm neglecting to mention is how I really shouldn't be let around power tools, especially unattended. For some reason my brain seems to shut off when they turn on.

The mowing went ok for the most part. And while I'm all for the more eco friendly electric mower that we purchased, the cord is quite bothersome. Especially when my brain shuts off. I can't even tell you how many times I barely missed running it over, or dragging the mower back over the top of the cord.

And really, the blower/vac is pretty harmless. Except when I sort of lose concentration and end up blowing stuff into the neighbors yard (which he doesn't appreciate) or sucking up some of Chris's plants (which he doesn't appreciate).

But the trimmer/edger is a whole other story. This thing is dangerous! It shoots stuff everywhere and if you're not careful all of a sudden you have a big hole where you just had grass. Last weekend Chris gave me my first lesson in edging. The first thing he said was "you have to wear shoes". I of course had sandals on. So grumbling I went and put shoes on. And boy is it a good thing he told me that. Yesterday as I was edging all of a sudden I heard whir/whir and felt a weird tingle. So I dropped the edger. Turns out I had edged my foot. Luckily my big burly shoes had stopped it from cutting my toes off. I must say though, I learned my lesson. Next time I'll let Chris do the edging.

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Lily said...

And pants. Don't forget to wear pants. Besides making the neighbors more comfortale, your legs won't me ragged strips of skin. Ew.

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