Monday, June 09, 2008

Boobie-Que Success!

BooblieQue2008 009

Saturday we held the Boobie-Que, a fund raiser for the 2008 Breast Cancer 3day walk, at our house. And it was a huge success! With online donations tallied I am now over my $2,200 minimum to participate in the walk and we raised an extra $380 in our donation jar! I'll be donating this money to the other members of my team who have not yet reached their minimum.

I have the best friends and family around! A hearty THANKS! must go out to all of the attendees:
  • My parents came over on Friday and helped us clean up the house and get the yard ready for the event.
  • Cousin Stacey and her boyfriend Tyler showed up early to help us prepare the food and decorate.
  • Teammates Dennis, Melissa and Angie (with Brandon in tow!) also came to show their support.
  • Former coworkers Christy w/ Jeremy, James w/Chad (even though James was apprehensive), Ed, and Greg w/ Jennifer Anna and Aidan all made the trek to West Seattle in the iffy weather to support the cause.
  • Lisa and Joe (whom we unanimously approve of!) drove all the way from Portland to attend!
  • Lynn & Buddy also came & brought a bag of Chocolate! Yum!
  • Cousin Cam (sadly Cheri was out of town)
  • Argosy folks Gary & Rischelle (enjoying a kid-free day), Kat (who celebrated her birthday with us!) and James (who had to work all day but still came!) were also there.
  • Wenatchee buddies Matty and Kara (both of whom I know I can always count on for support) both arrived just in time for the Wii tournament.
Thanks everyone - you're the best!

Kat's Birthday Boob Cake:
BooblieQue2008 014

Blongo Ball - Lisa & Joe:
BooblieQue2008 012

BooblieQue2008 013

BooblieQue2008 016

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Stacey said...

I think you did a great job this weekend! the boobie-Q was a hit! I had somuch fun!

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