Monday, June 23, 2008

Front Yard Remodel

This past weekend we dug up the lawn in the front yard in order to build another path and two more flower beds. The lawn was filled with weeds and for the past two summers would turn brown in June and remain so until October so we decided to get rid of it and put in something nice!

I almost forgot to take before pictures, but I remembered after I had dug for an hour or two. Here is what we started with:

2008June 190

2008June 191

2008June 196

After a day of digging and lugging sod to the giant pile of weed filled sod we have in the back yard this is what we were left with (if anyone is interested in hauling the giant pile away for us, please let me know):

2008June 197

2008June 198

You're probably saying to yourself, don't they know you can rent a sod cutter to do that? Well, yes we do know that, but did you know how huge they are, and how much they cost to rent? It just wasn't worth it for us.

Once the land was cleared we began to build the beds and outline the path. By late yesterday this is where we were at:

2008June 226

2008June 227

2008June 229

Next we'll order a load of top soil, compost, and gravel to finish it off. Then we'll get the fun job of planting the beds!

I never did post pictures my last front yard project. I forgot to take before pictures but just imagine another ugly strip of weed filled grass. That's what it was before I took the shovel to it:

2008June 199

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