Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well, It's a Start!

I think the hardest part about converting our lawn into flower beds is the actual planting of the flower beds. Picking plants that will do the best in this totally exposed spot, but that will also require as little water as possible. Chris has been amazed at my enthusiasm in this regard lately. Last night he actually asked if I was feeling alright as I rattled off plant names and where they would do best. I'm actually really getting into this gardening thing.

So far we have planted one of the two beds we recently built. The plants (from left to right) are as follows: Oregon Sedum, Barberry Bush, Oregon Sedum, Japanese Maple Tree, Ice Plant, Sage, Lavender, Postman's Sedum, (something I can't remember the name of, twice), Black Jack Euphorbia, Lavender, Postman's Sedum, Sage, Ice Plant, and Rosemary.

2008June 040

2008June 042

The second bed is just staring at us like a blank canvas. I'm thinking of making some stepping stones to create a path from one side to the other, something I can use to get in there for weeding. Other than that I'm drawing blanks. Any ideas? So far I have one Barberry Bush and four Sedum planted.

2008June 045

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Sandi said...

they have some great garden tile/path stone things at the Farmers Mkt, probably 15" x 15". I got one with salmon on it for us, may go back and get the crab. So, if you do a walk, you might consider something like that. Looking good tho! Hey, I'll share sword ferns with you, lol !

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