Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 More Days Until The 3 day!

I will get up early for...3 days.
I will go to bed exhausted and exhilarated...for 3 days.
I will walk 20 miles a day for...3 days.
I will shower in a truck for...3 days.
I will eat in a tent for...3 days.
I will sleep in a tent for...3 days.
I will use porta-potties...for 3 days.
I will wear my deeley-boppers...for 3 days.
I will be surrounded by friends and family...for 3 days.
I will be cheered through crosswalks...for 3 days.
I will be honked at...for 3 days.
I will eat peanut-butter/jelly graham crackers...for 3 days.
I will sing our cadence loud and clear...for 3 days.
I will create memories...for 3 days.
I will remember those we've lost...for 3 days.
I will remember why I walk...for 3 days.

Thank you to all of my supporters. Without you I could be doing this. The 2008 3 day is almost here!!


nm said...

dang, you are making me not very excited right now.

KikiRiki said...

Seriously? The Peanut-Butter/Jelly Graham Crackers should excite you!

At least you're not sick...grrr.

Roberta said...

Go Court Court go!


Breast Cancer 3-Day said...

Best of luck to you on the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk!

If you take photos, we'd love it if you'd share them on the official Breast Cancer 3-Day Flickr group, Facebook fan page or MySpace page.

KikiRiki said...

Thanks, will do!!

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