Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Anderson Island Labor Day Parade 2008

Every Labor Day since I met Chris we've spent on Anderson Island. And every year, on Saturday morning, we drag ourselves out of bed early and head to the "big corner" to watch the Labor Day Parade. Then afterward we check out the bake sale, cake walk, bbq, and silent auction. Oh, and of course the quilt/collectibles show in the church basement.

This year was no different.

I gave Chris control of the camera during the parade and the pictures that follow are his doing. Next year I think we're going to rig up a trailer behind Ben's truck with our kayaks on it so that we can ride in the parade as the Amsterdam Bay Yacht Club. And maybe Brandon and I will display our shot glass collections in the church basement. Now wouldn't that be a hoot!

Man of the year (for some reason Chris did not take a picture of the Woman of the Year right behind him):

1948 Tractor:

President's Award (not really sure why they were riding backwards):

Crazy cardboard boat Mickey Mouse and Flame Head(?)

Oro Bay Yacht Club:

Kids diving at the candy the people in the floats were tossing:

Tacoma Yacht Club drum circle float:

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