Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed

I had an interesting experience on the way into work this morning.

I was merging from the West Seattle Bridge onto I-5 north, one of my least favorite things to do, and noticed a car in the lane to my left trying to move into my lane, right into me! So I gave a little honk and she quickly corrected herself.

For a short while she stayed right next to me, then all of a sudden fell back quickly and pulled in jerkily right behind me. And when I say right behind me, I mean RIGHT BEHIND ME. Had I even tapped the breaks at that moment she would have ended up in my backseat. Luckily the car in front of me moved to the left and I was able to pull ahead of the crazy person.

However, as soon as I pulled forward, she sped up so she was right on my tail again. Did I mention how much I hate tailgaters? Yep, big time.

By this time we were merging onto I-90. As soon as we rounded the turn and were on I-90 she zoomed out to the lane of my left and sped past me until she had to slam on her breaks again and was tailgating someone else.

And here is where I was in total shock. She was driving a small sedan covered in advertisements for Molly Maids. Covered. What sort of advertisement is that. Hire me, I drive like a spaz! I'll clean your house the same way, fast and crazy with little attention to detail or my surroundings.

Up until today I had actually considered calling this company for an estimate, we are in the market for new house cleaners, but there is no way I'll be calling them now!


KRG said...

Dude I hate that, especially with big construction trucks and contractors, etc. Hello?! And when it's some dudes little business it's even worse. At least with Molly Maid you can bet that she was speeding because she was late to some Mercer Island house and was going to get fired or something. Good lord what is wrong with people? I have a name for them, I used it in the car today... I can't repeat it I am too embarrassed- it contained six words.

KRG said...

have you looked into Sage Cleaning?

Vic said...

I would be calling them... they need to know if they are exposing themselves to a possible liability, after all. And they are, because of two things... 1) You won't call them for a job unrelated to driving, because of the corporate sponsorship to bad driving practices, and 2) They could be sued if the driver is a causal factor in an accident on "Company time."

You could be doing both a favor. If the drive IS the owner, you can definitely let them know that you won't be calling them for business because of this behavior.

So, I do hope you will call...

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