Saturday, October 11, 2008

Amazing Vacation

I've been sitting here trying to think of the best way to blog about our vacation to Cabo. Do I write it all in one big blog post, break it up into a bunch of small posts, or not say anything at all. All I know is that I'm drawing a complete blank. So, I'm going to break it down into small day by day bullet points. I think you'll notice a pattern. There were 5 pools, so we tried to mix it up a bit!

Day 1 - Thursday:
  • Travel to Cabo.
  • All planes on time. Incredible.
  • Crazy bus ride from Airport to Resort.
  • Talked into timeshare presentation by my parents.
  • Happy hour on the deck. Martinis and beers.
  • Dinner in the Bistro.
  • Watched VP Debate.
  • Turned in early. Long day of travels.
Day 2 - Friday:
  • Sunrise walk on the beach with Dad.
  • Timeshare breakfast and presentation.
  • Our salesguy was from Ireland (??)
  • We didn't buy one (!!)
  • Took golf cart to Adult Only Pool (Beers and quesadillas for lunch at the swim-up bar).
  • Took another golf cart to the main pool for Happy Hour (Dirty Monkeys 2 for 1!).
  • Dinner at La Nao. Asian Buffet.
Day 3 - Saturday:
  • Hit the gym early with Dad. Very nice fitness center in the Spa.
  • Took the shuttle into town where they dropped us off at the sister resort.
  • Breakfast on the Beach.
  • Walked to the Marina.
  • Almost passed out from the heat.
  • Drinks at the Oyster Bar.
  • Hit the Super Mercado and took a taxi back to the resort. Too hot for town.
  • Got to the main pool in time for Happy Hour (Dirty Monkeys 2 for 1!!)
  • Dinner in the room. The heat was exhausting.
Day 4 - Sunday:
  • 8 am Pilates class. Best Pilates class I've ever taken.
  • Golf cart to the Sky Pool. Amazing views, but murkey water. The filtration system was broken.
  • Lunch by the Sky Pool. Best cheeseburger I've ever had (Yes, I ordered a cheeseburger in Mexico).
  • Golf cart to the Adult Only Pool in time for Happy Hour (Pacificos 2 for 1!).
  • Dinner at La Frida. Wonderful food, amazing service, highly recommend. I can't even begin to adequatly describe how amazing this place was.
Day 5 - Monday:
  • Chris left at 6am for his fishing trip.
  • 10 am Spa appointment. Reflexology foot massage for me. Fancy pedicure for Mom.
  • Poolside in time for lunch (Main Pool).
  • Chris arrived back in time for Happy Hour (Pina Coladas 2 for 1!).
  • Additional Happy Hour on our Patio.
  • Took a golf cart to the Sky Pool to watch the sunset. Amazing.

  • Dinner at the Bistro.
  • Chris wrestled a skeleton.

Day 6 - Tuesday:
  • Hit the Adult Only Pool early.
  • Left Mom & Dad at the Pool and took a Taxi to town.
  • Lunch at Cabo Wabo.

  • Pretty sure we saw Sammy Hagar (apparently in town for his b'day). Neither of us realized it was him until we'd left.
  • Drinks at El Squid Row.

  • Souvenier shopping.
  • Drinks at the Marina.

  • Souvenier shopping.
  • Tequila tasting and purchasing.
  • Drinks at Hemmingways.

  • Dinner with Mom & Dad at Panchos (incredible chicken chimichangas).
  • Taxi back to the resort.
  • VP Debate.
  • Cuban Cigars on the Patio.
Day 7 - Wednesday:
  • Major Pool day. Soaking up the last bits of sun!
  • Adult Pool until just after Happy Hour (Pacificos!)
  • Additional Happy Hour on our Patio. Had to clean out our fridge!
  • Dinner at La Nao (Italian Buffet).
  • Rumors in the restaurant of a Hurricane (NORBERT) on the way.
  • Beach walk - watching the angry surf.
  • Golf cart back to the room where they had come and turned our TV to the Hurricane Alert channel.
  • Norbert was on his way.
Day 8 - Thursday
  • Left Cabo about 36 hours ahead of Norbert.
  • Phew.

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