Monday, October 20, 2008

Hello Fall - Weekend Tidbits

It is cold outside. Oh, and rainy and windy. Fall has arrived.

We had a new front door installed on Friday. It is energy efficient and actually fits, unlike our old door. Now I'm trying to learn how to install door casing. Fun times for sure.

I went to Portland over the weekend and visited my brother, sis-in-law, and nieces. I also visited my friend Lisa in Vancouver. A fun time was had. I like it in Portland. I could live there for sure.

Traffic getting to Portland sucked. Took me 4 hours from my house in West Seattle to Lisa's house in Vancouver. All of the slowdowns were caused by wrecks. If people could take their heads out of their asses when they drive it sure would make a difference out there. *sigh*

Chris is home finally after all of his "boys" trips. Golfing at Alta Lake, Hearts tournament on Anderson Island. It is nice to have him home. I need him to operate the saw for the door casing. I don't play well with power tools, and I like all of my fingers.

Percy has turned into a crotchety old man cat. He's angry and talks about his anger all of the time. I'm pretty sure that when he is angrily mewing at me he really wants me to let him out to play in traffic. Perhaps I should hire a cat whisperer.

Oh look, it is Monday again....back to the grind.

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nm said...

I think Percy is really a republican and is a bit angry about how the race is going.

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