Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dreamforce 2008

November 1st - 5th Chris and I traveled to San Francisco for Salesforce.com's annual Dreamforce conference. As usual the conference delivered....big time! I learned, networked, ate, drank, and was very merry.

The week before I went to the conference I took a certification test for Salesforce.com. I have been an administrator of the application for over 5 years now but was still surprised by how difficult the exam was. Talk about obscure questions! Luckily I passed and was one of the first 500 individuals to become certified on the application.

My name was displayed on this awesome sign at Dreamforce:

Close up (too bad I'm not longer actually with this company, but I'm still certified!):

And here is my nifty logo I can add to my email signature:

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