Saturday, November 29, 2008

First Casualty

Well we knew it would happen. Jet would get into something that we didn't want him to. He doesn't chew on furniture, he hasn't tried to 'mark' inside, but he did decide that Pound Kitty should be his.

For those of you who don't know, Pound Kitty is Percy's toy. Percy picked this toy out of a pile of stuffed animals in my room the first day I brought him home. He has carried it around ever since (10 plus years now). Pound Kitty rode with him on the plane to San Diego, and back. Pound Kitty was banished to the closet after Percy was accidentally shut in there for 2 days. Pound Kitty is Percy's best friend.

Here is the result of Jet playing with Pound Kitty. Percy is pissed off.


Sandi said...

You can expect Percy to get revenge, like when Slash used to pee in Kodee's bed, it won't be pretty.

Roberta said...

oh no! I've been wondering how Percy Man was doing.

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