Friday, December 05, 2008


Where does the time go?

I've been unemployed for almost 4 weeks now and I've been busy, busy.

Why don't I just sit around in my PJs eating bon-bons?

Yesterday I had 6+ hours of interviews. I have a bit of a cold, so by the end I could barely talk. I have one more hour of interviews today and I will know the verdict of this opportunity. I'm hoping for the best, but in this economic climate I don't think you can truly count on anything.

Yesterday, driving to the interview, I was listening to NPR. They were interviewing people that work at various service organizations around the Puget Sound that assist families in need. The soup kitchens are running out of soup, the shelters are out of shelter, and the food banks are out of food. Talk about a dismal situation. I showed up at the interview ready to drop myself to their feet and beg them to take me. I didn't, but boy I felt like it.

Did you know Christmas is coming in 20 days? I brought all of my decorations up from the storage closet and they are sitting in the living room. I hung the stockings, but that's about it. Today we're going to get a tree. We think. And I will probably try to hang the outside lights. I can't seem to find the motivation.

This weekend we have a Christmas Party on Saturday night (8th annual!!), and I'll be attending a open house/cookie decorating party on Sunday that I'm really looking forward to.

Hopefully these events will get me in the Christmas mood!


Roberta said...

A spiked Starbuck's eggnog latte will get anyone into the Christmas mood! :-)

nm said...

Oh my dog, I started to write on my bloggo about the fact there are 20 days or so left...

I can't wait to catch up with you soonest and keeping fingers crossed on job.

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