Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post Christmas Pre New Years Post

Hi, yes I haven't blogged in a while. This will be totally random.

Did you hear about snowpocalypse? It hit, big time. And I was stuck at home a lot. And crabby. And didn't feel like anyone wanted to hear about that. But now the snow is gone and I'm free to roam about the city on my own again. Hippy Horray!

Lets see. What has happened since I last blogged besides the snow.

I was supposed to take the train to Portland for Christmas. The train was canceled. My parents braved the snowpocalypse and picked me up and carted me to Portland with them. Chris arrived in Portland safely the next day with Jet. He was a huge it. Of course. We celebrated Christmas with my brother and his family, and then with my sister-in-law's family.

Presents given: Sweaters, boot warmers, Wii games, Hobie kayak sail kit, books, clothes, Woof-Poof Santa, PJs, etc.

Presents received: PJs, compost pail, curio (still waiting on delivery!), cookbook, cookbook holder, Kid Robot purse, socks, Cashmere Mist, dusting slippers, Prince Caspien, Weeds (1-3), car booster seat for Jet, yoga bag, amazing quilt, etc.

On Friday we made it safely back to Seattle, and actually went to the grocery store! After snowpocalypse our cupboards were pretty bare. Saturday we ventured south again to Olympia for Christmas with Chris's family. I made a yummy pumpkin cocolate chip cheesecake and we had a wonderful dinner.

We're so fortunate that even with the horrible weather and crazy mixed up travel situations we were able to spend some quality time with both sides of our family and experience the true joy that is the holiday season. Yeah, I can be mushy when I want to.

I have pictures, I always have pictures, but I'm lazy and haven't downloaded them yet. I will soon. First I need to find a good cup of coffee. My coffee maker ist kaput and it is making me surly

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